Wednesday, April 08, 2009

American Thinker: 總統奧巴馬應該了解如何擺脫衰退

總統奧巴馬應該了解如何擺脫衰退 --- By Earl A Thompson, Professor of Economics, UCLA

"As macro-economies falter and the aggregate demand for labor falls, monetary authorities should automatically expand the money supply so as to quickly restore the original demand for labor and corresponding wage level. Failing to do so invites many workers to erroneously maintain their previous wage demands in the face of a falling aggregate demand for labor and thereby lose their jobs, creating inefficiently low aggregate employment levels....."

Quoted from Earl A Thompson on "American Thinker" 22 March, 2009

"面對當前宏觀經濟衰退和勞動力總需求的下降,貨幣當局應自動擴大貨幣供應量,以迅速恢復原來的勞動力需求和相應的工資水平。如果不這樣做會令許多工人錯誤地要求保持它們以往的工資,從而令勞動力失業,造成生產效率奇低的總就業水平局面。 ....."

Mr. Earl A Thompson exactly has profound knowledge and penetrating insight about the 2008 economic recession. 擴大貨幣供應量及大手筆地減稅,英雄所見略同, 此君頗具真知灼見也 !

American Thinker: What President Obama Should Know About Recessions


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